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Motif’s Manual Breast Pump is made of flexible and 100% food-grade silicone and works to automatically draw and capture breast milk using suction. With simple one-piece construction, the pump is compact and easy-to-use, with no extra parts, wires, or assembly required. The manual breast pump is BPA-free, PVC-free, and easy to clean. With a capacity of up to 4 ounces and weighing less than 3 ounces, the Motif Manual Breast Pump is the perfect travel accessory and portable pump for breastfeeding moms.

Motif Manual Breast Pump

  • 100% Silicone collection bottle

    Simple & small one-piece construction

    No cords or batteries needed

    Soft, flexible, and comfortable





    Easy to use

    Drop safe

    Withstands high temperatures & dishwasher safe

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