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The Motif Twist is ideal for moms looking for portable convenience. Use the Twist in your home or on-the-go with a battery power option or AC adapter. Twist the knob to select different suction and massage settings and use the blue LED light timer to track pumping sessions. The Twist allows moms to customize their pumping experience to fit their comfort level.

Motif Twist

  • Super lightweight design. Weighs less than ½ a pound

    Single or double pumping session

    Closed system. Backflow prevention keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination

    Dual power options. Use it stationary or on battery power (4 AA batteries)

    Quiet motor for discreet pumping

    Adjustable suction pattern designed for maximum let down

  • 1 - Motif Twist Breast Pump

    2 - 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm Breast shields

    2 - 80mL Breast Milk Containers

    2 - Nipples - Low Flow

    2 - Valves

    2 - Membranes

    2 - Tubing

    2 - Connectors and Diaphragms

    1 - AC Adapter

    1 - Wet Dry Storage Bag

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